For roofing panel manufacturers and suppliers, contractors and storage owners, who need to protect their roofs, investments and assets from the hazards of naturally occurring condensation, CondenStop® offers an affordable & high-capacity moisture absorption solution of market-leading quality.

Certified by international research institutions to outperform generic products by 20-60%, the unique benefits of CondenStop® are recognized by our many global clients who use millions of square meters each year.

10 Reasons to choose condenstop®

  • Highest absorption of condensation moist available
  • Installation possible in all weather conditions
  • Helps fight corrosion
  • High fire safety classes
  • Impervious to mould growth
  • Does not attract dust or dirt
  • Homogenous distribution of condensation on roof surface
  • Drip-free performance
  • One solution for all conditions
  • Over 20 years experience with condensation protection

Superior Longevity vs. Underlayment

CondenStop® is based on a polyester non-woven fleece. Thermoplastic Microspheres that are bound to the fibers, are expanded to create a unique engineered product with very special moisture absorbing properties.

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